Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Ohio StateHouse, Model posing & "Kill Bill Vol.1" Movie

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  1. I already gave you advice on Monday and I think you should draw bigger. Also, look at all the different body shapes in your favorite cartoons. You have one body type down, and it's stylized or cartoony, so you should draw some other body types as well. Look at this:

    Start giving your characters longer torsos, bigger feet and hands, squatter bodies, big faces, etc. There is a lot you can do to vary the people you are drawing.

    This blog entry has some good images:

  2. You're definitely getting better at drawing motions and I can see you're pushing the body shapes slightly, but you can go further. Along with what Mike said, you can forego looking at people once in awhile and just draw shapes together, overlapping or apart connected by lines/"tubes", and see what comes out.